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Strategic Partnerships are transnational projects designed to develop and share innovative practices and promote cooperation, peer learning, and exchanges of experiences in the fields of education, training, and youth. Strategic Partnerships provide opportunities for a wide variety of public, private, and non-governmental organisations to implement a broad range of activities including, for example strengthening cooperation and networking between organisations, promoting the development, testing, and implementation of innovative practices, promoting integration of newly arrived migrants and raising awareness about the refugee crisis in Europe, promoting entrepreneurship and active citizenship among young people. Click here for more information


Health Without Borders

Improving the health skills of young refugees and migrants and marginalized young people


A learning platform for developing digital skills for families


Supporting women with a migration / refugee background in integrating into the labor market

Start Point

Expand and deepen the political and social engagement of marginalized adults

Step - by - step
Action for Active Inclusion of Marginalized Group of People

IDE 3.0
Empower Identities:
explore the potential of creative learning

Youth in action - exchange of
practices in order to stimulate youth
to action

Youth + Art = Resilience

Volunteer work experience reports




Prevent radicalization through identity development

Yes volunteering

Experience reports about volunteering

Step by step

Actions for active inclusion of marginalized groups

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