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We celebrate EURope!

On the occasion of Europe Day, the InterAktion association, together with Panthersie for Europe, organized a dialogue event entitled “Europe and You” in Trofaiach on May 9th.


Young people from Austria, Croatia, Spain, Italy and Turkey discussed the possibilities and perspectives that Europe has to offer them with experts. The focus was on the Erasmus+ program and the European Solidarity Corps.


What opportunities are there in the program for apprentices? How much solidarity does Europe need? What does it mean to work in the EU? What impressions does an Erasmus+ student exchange leave on a 14-year-old? What is a youth encounter anyway? And what role does sport play in Erasmus+?


Faustina Verra from Logo Jugendmanagement, Martin Kahr from Young Styrians GO Europe, Markus Plasencia and Konrad Fellerer from Panthersie für Europa and students from the Trofaiach middle school answered these questions and shared their experiences and expertise with the young people.

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