Katja Lenič Šalamun und Goran Janevski

Founders, Project Managers

Katja Lenič Šalamun, was born 1982 in Slovenia. She studied translation studies at the University of Graz. She lived in Maribor, Edinburgh and Brussels. In 2014 she carried out her first Erasmus+ project "Youth for Peace" with the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Leymah Gbowee. "Youth for Peace" was awarded the Erasmus+ Award in 2015 as the best project in the youth work category in Austria.


Goran Janevski, born in North Macedonia. Tourism and management studies in Skopje. Many years of experience in the field of international youth work with active participation in the development of nonformal education in the youth field in North Macedonia and numerous stays abroad, among others in Bulgaria, Greece and the USA. He came to Austria in April 2015 through the European Voluntary Service.

Majd Alhomsi

Project Assistance, Youth and Integration

Iulia Manda


Majd Alhomsi, born in Damascus, Syria. He came to Austria in November 2015. He became involved in the association and developed together with Goran Janevski the project "ReCycle your old bike".

Hewa Husin
Project Assistance


Born in Romania, studied Advertising in Cluj-Napoca and Azores. Started being active in local volunteering initiatives in 2011, getting to the point of being a project coordinator for a local project called Incubator107Cluj. From there to participating and working with Erasmus+ projects was just a step and in 2016 started working with InterAktion for the first time.

Born in Syria, in Austria since 2015, interpreter. Women, education, equality, work, integration and violence prevention are issues that inspire her during her work.

Gotse Grozdanov


Gotse describes himself as a citizen of the world, not only Bulgaria. After studying administrative law, he discovered volunteering which took him at first to Germany with practical relief work in a welfare-oriented organization and after that to many other countries, where he developed many intercultural and practical skills, useful in the non-formal field. Further on, he has participated in various youth projects, as a youth leader, facilitator, or background logistics and has involved in digital media creation.

Morgana Hussein
Project Assistance

Matin Sajjadi


Born in Austria and raised in an Egyptian-Austrian household. Decided to study Transcultural Communication in Graz to pursue her enthusiasm for languages and culture. Big animal lover who enjoys baking and hiking in her free time.

Born in Teheran, Iran, member of Afghanistan's national footbal team, since 2019 in Austria.  Languages, sports and Erasmus+ enthusiast, loves nature and environment.