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Living SustainAbility

The project Living Sustainability means to learn how to be able to live in a sustainable society. A sustainable society has sustainable energy systems, efficient and environmentally friendly farming techniques and reduced consumption to eliminate waste. As a result, the environment can be preserved for future generations. But not only; A sustainable society is a more tolerant society where every human has equal rights - access to basic needs like nutrition, shelter, education and health care. Moreover, the economic systems are transparent and ethical. But for individuals to be able of contributing and creating more sustainable society, they need to understand the influence of their actions and choices over the nature, the other people and the political / economical system.

During two youth exchanges and based on the principles of non-formal education methods, 30 participants from 6 European countries were discovering interdependencies between the economic, social and environmental sustainability and setting personal goals for living sustainable lives in Austria and in Slovenia.

The Cooklet

This Cooklet with delicious recipes was developed during the youth exchanges Living SustainAbility assuring good quality food and a good balance of nutrients for the hungry group after a long day working together.
Some dishes are traditional, some are simple improvisation of the moment.
Try them out and enjoy the flavors.


Download the cooklet here:

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